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General Information


All athletes must be 40 years old by December 31, 2018.  Athlete’s competition age will be based on his/ or her age on December 31, 2018.  Only athletes age 50+ may qualify for the National Senior Games.


A basic registration fee of $45 for multiple sports except golf and team sports which have a separate registration fee. The following sports each have a registration fee of $25: Archery, Bowling (Ten Pin and Candle Pin), Horseshoes, Racquetball, and Shuffleboard. If you register for any additional sports, the registration fee will be $45 for two or more sports, except golf and team sports.

Road Race registration fee is $30. If you register for any additional sports, the registration fee will be $45, except golf and team sports.


The deadline to register online for all sports is one week prior to the event, except Basketball which has a deadline of July 30, 2018


Participants will compete in one of the following age categories for individual, singles, and doubles sports: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+. If age brackets are combined for singles or doubles competition, medals will be awarded by five- year age brackets. Partner age groups will be determined by the age of the youngest partner as of December 31, 2017

Team sports are divided into the following brackets: 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, 80+, 85+, 90+, 95+, and 100+. Team age groups will be determined by the age of the youngest team member as of December 31, 2017.


All athletes may be required to show proof of age during the NH Senior Games. Any athlete unable to prove of age will be disqualified. Any team with a rostered individual who is not of minimum age, or whose age as listed on the roster is incorrect and causes the team to play in the wrong age division, will be disqualified.


All events will be conducted in accordance with both the NH Senior Games Official Rules and the 2018 National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Rules. The venue manager or meet director is the final authority for rules and interpretations.


For registration received online through fuseSPORT, the official registration for NHSG, a confirmation will be emailed to you. If you have not received your confirmation within 1 hour of registration, please call 603-860-8033. Paper entries will not receive a confirmation; your only confirmation will be your cancelled check.


Participants are required to provide their own equipment, except as specified per their sport.


The NH Senior Games reserves the right to cancel any event due to insufficient registration, weather, or events beyond their control. In the event of venue change or event cancellation, the information will be posted online and every effort will be made to contact registrants prior to the start of the games.


It is recommended that participants confer with their personal physician prior to this competition. It is also recommended that participants prepare for competition and train accordingly.


As long as events are not held at conflicting times, you may enter as many events as you desire. Scheduling cannot always be done to accommodate other events. You must be a member of a team to enter the team events. Swimming has a limit of six (6) events.


Participants must have a partner to enter doubles events. Athletes may compete with only one partner per event. Doubles teams with one New Hampshire resident and one-out-of-state resident will be considered an out-of-state team. When registering online, you must spell your partner’s name and email correctly. If this is not done correctly the system will not match you with your partner or send them an email inviting them to be your partner.


Team Captains are responsible for submitting the team roster and team fee. The team captain will need email address for all team members so they will get invitations from the fuseSPORT registration system. Each player must complete their personal registration. There is not additional registration fee for team players unless they decide to compete in another sport. 3-on-3 Basketball teams have a limit of 6 team members. Athletes may compete with only one team per sport.

The Team Sport fee applies to those participating in 3-on-3 basketball. Team members registering ONLY for a team event do not pay an additional registration fee or event fee. Team members that will be participating in ANY additional sports must also pay the full registration fee.

Teams with at least 51% of their members not residing in the State of New Hampshire will be considered an out-of-state team for qualifying purposes. Teams must comply with the NHSG rules for maximum number of out-of-state players.


You may register more than one athlete during a single fuseSPORT login session. Once you have registered, you may update your registration by adding more sports or events. You may not delete any sports or events or change your partner’s name. If you update or want to review your registration, you will only need your registration confirmation number and your last name; you will not need your email address to login.

If you need registration assistance, please email registration@NHSeniorGames.org.

New Hampshire Senior Games Contact Information

Phone: 603-860-8033
Email: info@nhseniorgames.org
Mailing Address:
Granite State Senior Games
P.O. Box 4472
Manchester, NH 03108-4472


REGISTRATION FEES must be paid in full at the time of online registration through a credit card. It is the responsibility of the team captain to pay the team registration fee at the time of the online registration.

The Team Sport fee applies to those participating in 3-on-3 Basketball. Team members registering ONLY for a team event do not pay an additional registration fee. Team members who participate in ANY additional event(s), must also pay the full registration fee for that sport(s).


Refunds (less a $10 administrative fee) must be requested no later than one week prior to your event and will only be issued with a written medical reason by a medical professional. No refunds for no-shows.


Medals will be awarded to first, second, and third place finalists at the end of each event. Medals will not be mailed.


Results will be posted online at the conclusion of the games.

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