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Congratulations to NHSG Chair Jim Eddinger!

Posted by on Wednesday, May 9th

Jim Eddinger became involved with the MCC Exercise Science program when we first meet at the YMCA where the ES students were volunteering and practicing their assessment skills. In talking with Jim and learning of his excitement and involvement in the NH Senior Games and pickleball we invited Jim to speak in our Physical Activity and Aging class. Jim brought some of his pickleball partners to share their stories of how they became physically active and then proceeded to “school us” in the game of Pickleball. The students loved it and were humbled when an 89-year-old beat them in Pickleball.

From there, our relationship continued to grow with the start of a partnership between the ES club and Jim’s Pickleball group. Jim has been instrumental in fostering this relationship. It is clear that Jim has a passion for exercise, especially Pickleball, which he is excited to share with his peers and our campus community whenever he can. Jim spreads Pickleball knowledge to the students by offering free learn-to-play clinics throughout the year. He also continues to support this the college, and the ES students by attending the club meetings, hosting weekly Pickleball night fundraisers with a culminating end of the year Pickleball tournament in which the proceeds go to the ES club to fund their professional development trip to a 3-Day Functional Training Summit in Providence, RI. The money that the club receives from the fundraisers is the main reason why students are able to continue attending this conference each year, and supplement their educations with new skills and knowledge from professionals in the field.

Jim has also helped the ES program in promoting a Group Exercise Class for Older Adults. As a part of our Group Exercise for Special Populations course, the ES students are required to volunteer to teach a group class for 6-7 weeks. Since we had a new facility we decided to try and offer a class at the college. Jim hung up flyers for the classes and took the initiative to get the word out to his community members by advertising it in their newsletter. The classes have been a success and the students have benefited greatly from their teaching experience and are in awe of what some older adults can physically do.

Our partnership with Jim, and the community members he has brought in, has and continues to be, something we look forward to. Jim’s energy and passion for what he does is infectious and many a times you will hear the students say I want to be just like Jim. He is an amazing individual and has brought enthusiasm and opportunities to the college, students, ES Program. We are very thankful to all he has done and feel he is more than deserving of the MCC Presidents’ Community Partner Award.

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About the New Hampshire Senior Games

The mission of the New Hampshire Senior Games (NHSG), formerly known as the Granite State Senior Games (GSSG) is to promote, organize and effectively develop physical challenges, as they relate to the NH Masters Athlete and the 50+ population of the state of New Hampshire, undertake related activities benefitting the well-being of adults as appropriate and focusing on the development of active and healthy lifestyles.  Our mission is accomplished by encouraging fitness and by providing athletic competition in a variety of sports, clinics and creative pursuits.

Founded in 1987, Granite State Senior Games, Inc. is a not-for-profit (501c-3) all volunteer sports and fitness organization governed by a Board of Directors. The Granite State Senior Games' (GSSG's) sporting events are now known as the New Hampshire Senior Games (NHSG).  We are New Hampshire’s premier multi-sport event for the 50+ population. NHSG is the only New Hampshire organization in the state to be sanctioned by the National Senior Games Association (NSGA) to qualify senior athletes for participation in the National Senior Games held every two years.  To learn more, please visit www.nhseniorgames.org.