Elevating Wellness in 2024: Unveiling the Innovative Modalities and Vision at Airfield Place Fitness Center

Posted on Wednesday, January 24th

As we embark on the journey of 2024, the commitment to holistic health and wellness takes center stage. At Granite State Senior Games Inc., we are dedicated to embracing cutting-edge advancements in well-being, and today, we shed light on the transformative modalities redefining health and recovery at the prestigious Airfield Place Fitness Center. Airfield Place: A Hub for Comprehensive Fitness and Recovery Welcoming you to Airfield Place, the Seacoast's Premier Community for Fitness, Recovery, Health, and Longevity. This exclusive fitness center transcends conventional boundaries, offering a diverse range of amenities under one roof. From the Flight House Gym and New England Pickleball Club to Rye Physical Therapy, Engrain Market, Hanger Co-working Space, Rinse Recovery, Seacoast Climb, and unique communal spaces, Airfield Place is a beacon of holistic well-being. Insights from Jay Jacobs (Creator) and Burke Bero (Manager) Why Airfield Place was Created: Jay Jacobs, the visionary creator, shared his motivation… READ MORE >

Navigating Holiday Feasts: A Guide to Healthy Eating for Older Adults and Health Conditions

Posted on Monday, December 18th

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, indulgent feasts. For older adults, especially those with health conditions, maintaining a balance between festive enjoyment and health can be a challenge. At Granite State Senior Games Inc., we understand the importance of holistic well-being, and that includes making informed choices during the holiday season. In this news article, we'll explore practical tips to combat holiday eating and stay healthy, tailored specifically for older adults with health conditions. 1. Plan Mindful Menus: One of the keys to healthy holiday eating is planning. Create a menu that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods, such as lean proteins, colorful vegetables, and whole grains. Opt for lighter cooking methods, like grilling or baking, and experiment with herbs and spices to enhance flavor without excess salt. 2. Stay Hydrated: Amidst the holiday festivities, it's easy to forget about hydration. Ensure you drink… READ MORE >

Embracing Holistic Wellness: A Journey through the Seven Dimensions of Wellness with Granite State Senior Games Inc.

Posted on Thursday, November 16th

In today's fast-paced world, achieving a balanced and fulfilling life is more important than ever. At Granite State Senior Games Inc., we understand the significance of holistic well-being and the impact it has on our overall quality of life. Our organization is not just about sports; it's about empowering individuals to thrive in every aspect of their lives. Through our commitment to promoting wellness, we explore the seven dimensions of well-being: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual/Cognitive, Physical, Vocational, Spiritual, and Social. Emotional Wellness: Nurturing Your Inner Self Emotional wellness is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, encompassing our ability to understand, express, and manage our emotions in a healthy manner. At Granite State Senior Games, we believe in the power of self-reflection and emotional intelligence. By seeking out guided meditation sessions, counseling workshops, and group discussions, participants learn invaluable techniques to process your emotions positively. Through embracing and understanding their feelings, individuals… READ MORE >

Embracing Technology Top Apps and Online Resources for Senior Fitness

Posted on Tuesday, October 3rd

As we age, staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important. Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever for seniors to track their fitness progress, monitor their nutrition, and cultivate healthy habits. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best apps and online resources that can help seniors stay on top of their health and wellness goals. 1. Fitness Tracking Apps: Fitbit (Available on iOS and Android)  Fitbit is a popular choice for fitness tracking. Seniors can wear a Fitbit device to monitor steps taken, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. The accompanying app provides easy-to-read data, encouraging users to set and achieve daily fitness goals. MyFitnessPal (Available on iOS and Android)  MyFitnessPal is a versatile app that helps users track their food intake, count calories, and set dietary goals. It features a vast database of foods, making it simple to log meals and snacks.… READ MORE >

Embrace the Season: Seniors Staying Active as Summer Fades

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th

As the warm embrace of summer slowly gives way to the crisp allure of fall, many seniors may be wondering how to keep their active routines going. While the days get shorter and the leaves begin to paint the landscape, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities that can help seniors stay active, social, and engaged as the autumn season unfolds. Here, we explore a range of activities that can be enjoyed in New Hampshire and the broader New England area. Outdoor Activities Scenic Walks: New Hampshire boasts stunning fall foliage, making it the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls. Gather some friends or join a local walking group to explore the changing colors of the season. Places like the White Mountains and Franconia Notch State Park offer breathtaking views. Hiking: For those with a more adventurous spirit, fall hiking can be a delightful experience. Trails like the Appalachian Trail or… READ MORE >
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