News from September 2023

Embrace the Season: Seniors Staying Active as Summer Fades

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th

As the warm embrace of summer slowly gives way to the crisp allure of fall, many seniors may be wondering how to keep their active routines going. While the days get shorter and the leaves begin to paint the landscape, there are numerous indoor and outdoor activities that can help seniors stay active, social, and engaged as the autumn season unfolds. Here, we explore a range of activities that can be enjoyed in New Hampshire and the broader New England area. Outdoor Activities Scenic Walks: New Hampshire boasts stunning fall foliage, making it the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls. Gather some friends or join a local walking group to explore the changing colors of the season. Places like the White Mountains and Franconia Notch State Park offer breathtaking views. Hiking: For those with a more adventurous spirit, fall hiking can be a delightful experience. Trails like the Appalachian Trail or… READ MORE >

The Power of Balance: Exploring Different Types of Physical Activity for Seniors

Posted on Friday, September 1st

As we age, staying physically active becomes increasingly important for maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. Engaging in regular exercise offers a multitude of benefits for seniors, from enhanced mobility and strength to improved mental well-being. When it comes to choosing the right activities, finding a balance between different types of physical activity is key. In this article, we'll explore the importance of diversifying your workouts and the incredible health benefits that seniors can reap by incorporating various exercise modalities into their routines. The Need for Balance: Focusing solely on one form of exercise, be it weight lifting, cardio, or yoga, may lead to imbalances in your fitness and overall health. Each type of activity offers unique benefits that contribute to your well-rounded health. By striking a balance between different modalities, you can target various aspects of your physical fitness, leading to better overall functionality and reducing the risk of… READ MORE >