News from November 2023

Embracing Holistic Wellness: A Journey through the Seven Dimensions of Wellness with Granite State Senior Games Inc.

Posted on Thursday, November 16th

In today's fast-paced world, achieving a balanced and fulfilling life is more important than ever. At Granite State Senior Games Inc., we understand the significance of holistic well-being and the impact it has on our overall quality of life. Our organization is not just about sports; it's about empowering individuals to thrive in every aspect of their lives. Through our commitment to promoting wellness, we explore the seven dimensions of well-being: Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual/Cognitive, Physical, Vocational, Spiritual, and Social. Emotional Wellness: Nurturing Your Inner Self Emotional wellness is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, encompassing our ability to understand, express, and manage our emotions in a healthy manner. At Granite State Senior Games, we believe in the power of self-reflection and emotional intelligence. By seeking out guided meditation sessions, counseling workshops, and group discussions, participants learn invaluable techniques to process your emotions positively. Through embracing and understanding their feelings, individuals… READ MORE >