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Discover Your Perfect Sport: Finding the Best Fit Based on Your Lifestyle, Preferences, and Skills

Posted on Friday, March 29th

Are you looking to embrace a new sport but unsure where to start? With countless options available, finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle, preferences, and skills can be overwhelming. Whether you're an avid athlete or a newcomer to the world of sports, discovering the best sport for you can lead to a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here's how to find your ideal match: Assess Your Lifestyle: Consider your daily routine, work commitments, and personal interests. Are you looking for a sport that offers flexibility in scheduling, such as running or swimming, which can be done at any time of day? Or perhaps you prefer a team sport with regular practice sessions and games, like soccer or basketball, to add structure to your week. Identify Your Preferences: Think about the type of activities you enjoy and the environments where you feel most comfortable. Do you thrive in competitive settings, where… READ MORE >

2024 New Hampshire Senior Games: Pickleball and All Sport Registrations Open, Full Schedule Released

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th

We're thrilled to announce the opening of registration for the 2024 New Hampshire Senior Games (NHSG), featuring a variety of exciting sporting events for active seniors. Alongside this announcement, we're delighted to share the schedule of events, so you can mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable year of competition and camaraderie. Pickleball Registration Information: 99 Registrations So Far: With enthusiasm already buzzing, we've had 99 individuals sign up for the pickleball tournament, showcasing the vibrant spirit of our community. Tournament Director: For any inquiries or assistance regarding the pickleball tournament, please reach out to our dedicated Tournament Director, Joseph Santoro, at Events: The pickleball tournament will feature Singles on August 9th, Doubles on August 10th, and Mixed Doubles on August 11th. Venue: All pickleball events will take place at Pinkerton Academy, located at 5 Pinkerton St, Derry, NH 03038. For GPS navigation, please use the address… READ MORE >

Elevating Wellness in 2024: Unveiling the Innovative Modalities and Vision at Airfield Place Fitness Center

Posted on Wednesday, January 24th

As we embark on the journey of 2024, the commitment to holistic health and wellness takes center stage. At Granite State Senior Games Inc., we are dedicated to embracing cutting-edge advancements in well-being, and today, we shed light on the transformative modalities redefining health and recovery at the prestigious Airfield Place Fitness Center. Airfield Place: A Hub for Comprehensive Fitness and Recovery Welcoming you to Airfield Place, the Seacoast's Premier Community for Fitness, Recovery, Health, and Longevity. This exclusive fitness center transcends conventional boundaries, offering a diverse range of amenities under one roof. From the Flight House Gym and New England Pickleball Club to Rye Physical Therapy, Engrain Market, Hanger Co-working Space, Rinse Recovery, Seacoast Climb, and unique communal spaces, Airfield Place is a beacon of holistic well-being. Insights from Jay Jacobs (Creator) and Burke Bero (Manager) Why Airfield Place was Created: Jay Jacobs, the visionary creator, shared his motivation… READ MORE >