News from February 2019

NHSG in the news: Love Finds A Way to Hit the Mark

Posted on Friday, February 1st

Love Finds A Way to Hit the Mark When Ron Gauvin enters an archery competition, it’s quickly noticed that something special is going on beyond shooting arrows. Despite balance challenges and a paralyzed right arm, Ron manages to get to the line and let fly using a stabilizer bar and a special strap attached to the string that allows him to release using his mouth. Click here to see Ron demonstrate his technique in this brief video clip. What is more amazing than his performance, though, is the 27-year journey he and his wife and soulmate Patti have taken for his recovery and to become qualified for the 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana. In fact, this is at its heart a love story, and because Patti also became a competitive archer and qualified in the process, this is a Personal Best profile for both. Ron and Patti went to the same high school and both participated in… View Article